The Colmo is a high quality product that is seen in the beaches and best resorts, hotels and restaurants around the world. The colmo plates are a versatile material, being used in beach hats, roofs, sun hats, pergolas, sheds, garden shelters, Straw hats in Colmo and bungalows.

Best price of the year!

Now with the good weather to arrive is the right time to get your new beach hat, sun hat or straw in stem. Your swimming pool or garden already deserves a new accessory that makes a difference in hot spring and summer afternoons. Vedamisto is a leader in Portugal and Spain in manufacturing and fast delivery of straw/stem sun hats to beaches, swimming pools, gardens, terraces. Vedamisto stem products are prepared by artisans with dozens of years of experience, producing durable, beautiful and easy-to-apply items. We guarantee total quality in our products.

Sun Hats with Stem – Straw Hats

Roofs, Sheds and Pergolas with Colmo

Structures in Treated Sticks with Colmo Coverage

Pergola with wooden sloping roof and stem

2-water pergola in wood and stem

2-water pergola in wood and stem



Dimensions: 800mm(32″) x 450mm (18″) x 25mm(1″)
Weight: +/-20kg
Qty. per box: 2
Description: The purest method of finishing straight crests on rectangular or oval roofs.


Dimensions: 200mm(8″) x 450mm (18″) x 25mm(1″)
Weight: +/-3kg
Qty. per box: 4
Description: Used to cover the end of a 90-degree corner of a square or rectangular roof. They are available with or without clips.

Kit Colmo Hat

Hats of Sun with Colmo to put in your garden, swimming pool, terrace or beach bar. One of our reference guests is zoomarine theme and aquatic park. We have available Stem Hats with various diameters.

1 – Hot galvanized metal structure and turned treated stick

2 – Stem plates (box with 6 units)

3 – Cone in Colmo

Optional – Galvanized Iron Spike

Optional – Pillar door, used to fix on tiled or Marble flooring. Ideal for fixing near swimming pools. In galvanized iron, 8cm and 10 cm in diameter.

How to mount a Sun Hat with Stem

The durability of a stem plate is longer than 10 years, without requiring maintenance, easily and quickly in replacing a damaged plate, by accident or act of vandalism.

The Colmo has some natural properties that are advantageous for its performance, in addition to its evident beauty and naturally weather resistant, offers freshness in the summer heat.

Simplified fixation by the built-in hooks of origin allows the application of the Colmo in any type of cover.

Measures for Sun Hats with Stem

Ø Round structures No. Posts Ø poles Colmo plates (dimensions) Nº Plates of Colmo Qty. / Ø Cone
2.00 m 1 8 cm (8 cm) 80 x 44 cm 8 1 / 0.85 cm
2.30 m 1 8 cm (8 cm) 80 x 44 cm 13 1 / 0.85 cm
2.50 m 1 10 cm 80 x 44 cm 17 1 / 0.85 cm
2.80 m 1 12 cm 80 x 44 cm 20 1 / 0.85 cm
3.30 m 4 10 cm 80 x 44 cm 30 1 / 0.85 cm
3.80 m 4 10 cm 80 x 44 cm 42 1 / 0.85 cm
5.00 m 6 12 cm 80 x 44 cm 77 1/100 cm
6.00 m 7 12 cm 80 x 44 cm 122 1/100 cm