The Company

Vedamisto intends to be a reference in the market for fences and roofs, we have human, technical and logistical resources in order to be able to seal its spaces anywhere in the country with the best solutions in the market. Ambition and ability to resist difficulties have become intrinsic values in Vedamisto, encouraging us to be increasingly efficient and competent in the development of our activity. Management is oriented to respond to immediate challenges, we constantly seek new solutions to respond effectively to the needs of our customers.

  • Professionalism.

  • Representatives of reputable brands.

  • Bet on national manufacturing.

  • Competitive prices.

  • Assembly of Seals throughout the country.

+351 263 098 137 (Centro Zone)
+351 289 562 002 (South Zone)

Why vedamisto?

We make the sale and assembly of Sealing Panels, Network Fences, Sealing Plates, Roof and Façade Plates, Doors and Gates, Treated Woods, Electric Fences, Poles for Fences, Colmo, Seals for Games Fields, Playgrounds, Fences for Swimming Pool, etc., as well as its monitoring and maintenance, and will be guaranteed a quality service.

SealsPanels, Networks and Plates
Several seal models for the most diverse types of application.
TREATED WOODSSawn, Conical and Turned
Fences, pergolas, structures for sheds, doors and gates, stairs, bridges, etc…
CulmsSun Hats and Covers
Versatile material for roofs, sun hats, pergolas, sheds, garden shelters and bungalows.
DOORS AND GATESManufactured in Vedamisto
Great quality doors and gates with an attractive and functional design.