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Our offer is extensive in this area and we have several sealing solutions that meet any need, be they residences, schools, gardens, industrial spaces and others. Check below the type of seal you are looking for and what type of application is.


Panel, network and plate fences for parks, schools, public buildings, gardens, swimming pools, warehouses, residences, gardens, agricultural spaces, roads, etc.

Network Seals

Panel Seals

Plate Seals

Electric Fences

Doors and Gates

At Vedamisto we manufacture and sell exterior doors and gates of various sizes and colors. We also manufacture treated wooden doors.

Gates Run Over Rails


Pivoting gates



Ideal penthouse for sun hats, roofs, pergolas, sheds, garden shelters, beach bar and bungalows, in order to create personalized and exclusive spaces.

Stem: sun hats, sheds, roofs, roofs


Timber produced from slow-growing pinetrees from temperate and sustainable forests, i.e., carefully managed by man. Conical poles are still bred on sandy or mountain terrain, which gives them high mechanical resistance.

  • Lumber

  • Conical Wood

  • Torneada Wood

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Assembly of Seals, Covers and Colmo

Check below the final result of our works, Vedamisto continues to invest in its growth, having as references the quality of its services at the highest level, objecting to the total satisfaction of its customers. Composed of experienced employees we seek to offer a professional service, offering ideas and solutions at competitive prices.

Sealing assembly with Lacada Plate on wall in residence. Excellent solution for those looking for a fence that allows privacy and concealment. Excellent corrosion resistance and available at various heights.

Sealing assembly over wall with Panel. Very popular especially in industrial areas, sports facilities, schools, parks and public gardens, urbanizations, hospitals, airports, port areas, communication road protection, etc.

Sealing assembly with Plate Siding in construction. Ideal plate for temporary works or areas requiring delimitation and protection. Made of galvanized steel, they provide a high resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Fitting of sun hats with colmo in private residence. The product consists of a metal structure, turned treated stick, plates and cone in Colmo. In addition to the sun hats, the Colmo can also be applied to roofs, roofs, sheds and pergolas.

Two-door pivoting gate mount at Quinta do Lago. In Vedamisto we manufacture exterior doors and gates of various sizes and colors. We also manufacture treated wood.

Supply and assembly of cover with Colmo in bar. Ideal coverage for unique custom spaces that harmonize with the environment to meet your specific needs.

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We seek to offer products and services with quality and tailored to each customer.

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