Canes structures arising from wetlands South Africa.

It is a very old roofing method and has been used in tropical and temperate climates, used in developing countries as a low-cost product. In contrast, in some developed countries, now is the choice for those who want a rustic look to your home, with a friend coverage of the environment.

In some countries, specially Africa, the cane is the predominant material for roofs and often walls. The durability of a cane plate is greater than 10 years without requiring maintenance, easily and quickly replacing a damaged plate, by accident or act of vandalism

Cane has some natural properties that are advantageous for their performance. This ancient art of African people (Shangaan), in addition to its beauty evident and weather resistant, it offers freshness in the summer heat, a warm place in cold winter days and fits in perfect harmony with the landscape, giving each roof a touch of originality and comfort.

The cane plates is a versatile material, roofs, sunshades, pergolas, sheds, garden sheds and bungalows. A luxury product that is at once natural and rustic.

The fixing simplified by incorporated hooks source, enables application in any type of coverage.



Application Examples

chapéus de Colmo

Sun hats in Cane

cobertura de Colmo

Cane Cover



Cane Plate

Placa de Colmo



Hat Cane KIT

estrutura de Colmo

A - Metallic structure hot dip galvanized and treated wood turned

caixa de Colmo

B - Cane Plates (6 units/box)


C - Cone




Round structures
Amount posts
Type of posts
Amount Canes Plate
2.00m 1 8cm 7.5 0.85cm
2.30m 1 8cm 13 0.85cm
2.50m 1 10cm ----- 0.85cm
2.80m 1 12cm 20 0.85cm
3.30m 4 10cm 30 0.85cm
3.80m 4 10cm ----- 100cm
5.00m 6 12cm ----- 100cm
6.00m 7 12cm ----- 100cm